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Happy Thanksgiving

I am spending Thanksgiving in the Frankfurt Airport Sheraton
which is conveniently located right across the street from the airport
You don’t even have to go outside to get here from the airport. How cool is that?

I would much rather be in Kensington or Rush today, but it is what it is.

Nothing to see here at all in Frankfurt. The allies bombed the crap out of it and there are only about 10 original buildings left standing. When I spent a day here on my way to Lagos, I took a train into town to take some pictures, but there was absolutely nothing worth taking pictures of - the city has no soul. If I had an extra day I would take a train to Köln or Berlin or München or somewhere, but I think I’ll just hang out here today. The plane ride last night was arduous and I am exhausted. I sat next to a rather large sweaty sleeping man with gastric issues, and he kept oozing into my space all night, making me contort into multiple unnatural painful positions for 7 long sleepless hours. Damn, I miss business class...

On the two-hour trip to the airport in Lagos, we passed some massive slums which make these slums in downtown Lagos look like luxury garden apartments (note the “tents” on the left, people actually live and raise their children there)
People steal the railings off of bridges and guard rails, and use them to make their shacks and “tents”
Nigeria is beautiful and warm, and if the government got their act together (and maybe even share some of the wealth) it could most definitely be a wonderful resort destination. As it stands today, the pollution and poverty and crime make that impossible. That’s sad, because Nigerians are the most cheerful and bright and friendly people (as a whole) that I have ever seen. Everyone smiles and tries to converse with visitors, you hear the phrase “you are welcome” constantly, and in spite of all the hardship they are extremely proud of their country and their culture.

But since the government keeps all of the money, practically everyone lives in absolute poverty and has to hustle and steal and cheat - and fish in the disgusting sewer/lagoon - just to survive, while rich government cronies’ mansions line the shores
So I am very thankful (even though our country is going to hell in a Hummer and our civil liberties are eroding at an alarming rate and our president is censoring war photos because he thinks it might turn us against war (!) and there is a distinct possibility that Sarah Palin will become our next president and Americans are spreading outrageous lies in a heartless and cruel effort to prevent fellow Americans from having heath care and our once-great nation is rapidly becoming a police state and we are carrying out immoral imperialist wars on sovereign nations and are killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people and violating the Geneva Conventions and torturing people in the jingoistic name of “fighting terrorism”) that I am from the USA, and I am looking forward to being home for a while.

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