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Pigs and Poets

There seems to be quite a media frenzy going on about the pig flu, and people are lapping it up like mother’s milk, even though nothing has really come of it yet (and I doubt anything will). Obammer’s people are coaxing it along since it keeps people’s minds off the real issue - the depression - which gets worse every day. Personally, I think everybody should just chill and kiss a pig.

Sorry about the lack of in-depth end-times meme multi-level mental masturbation, but I am not an intellectual and never will be.

Speaking of intellectuals...

The big deal here in Kyushu right now is some poet went to a live volcano by himself and hasn’t been heard from for a few days. All consular officers in Japan and a lot of military from Okinawa are out combing the island for his charred remains. They were about to stop the search, except that a bunch of poetry fans successfully lobbied Congress to continue their search indefinitely. Now thousands of people are risking THEIR lives for this tool.

Just a little more proof that intellect and intelligence are not necessarily related.

Just out of curiosity, I read a little of this gentleman’s work. What a farce - IT DOESN’T EVEN RHYME!!! And in all that I read of this so-called “poetry”, not once does he mention a man from Nantucket!


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It has been brought to my attention that my beautiful sand-colored blog appears pink to some of you who inexplicably still use Windoze. I find this a little bit disturbing, and I may work on a new theme for your sake. Then again, I might not, since that is your problem, not mine.


Сергей Фёдоров?

It’s kind of amazing (and typical) that in a game that the Capitals had to win, they were dominated by a team with a lot less talent than they have - a team that they basically owned and abused the last two games. It’s also amazing that the man who finally got the job done is almost as old as me. Thank you Сергей!!! But the most amazing thing is that the Caps then kept the puck in the offensive zone for almost five minutes after the goal. The Rangers couldn’t even pull their goalie for an extra attacker. Good teams find a way to win games when they aren’t playing very well. Oh, to have been there...

I know Ovie was excited, but you really shouldn’t tackle a guy on your own team - especially when he is so old.

Since the Devils
choked and let in two goals 30 seconds apart late in a game they were winning, we get the Penguin Scum starting on Saturday. Bring it on, punks.


So it figures that after freezing our asses off for two weeks, today was about 80 degrees and sunny in Sapporo as we were going to the airport. We are checked into our hotel in Fukuoka now and start working in the morning.

There is a Consadole Sapporo game tonight and I was disappointed that I would miss it, But (how about that) they are coming here on Saturday night to play Avispa Fukuoka! I guess I’ll have to get some Avispa kit and cheer for them. I hope to get out there. Avispa is Spanish for wasp, and they are called that because of the nasty sparrow-sized yellow jackets that they have here. I saw one outside of the hotel, and they are big (and supposedly very aggressive). I think I’ll try to avoid them.



Ready to Go

Sapporo has been interesting enough, I guess. If you really like shopping (which I don’t) you could have a good time here. If you really like sitting in a bar drinking (which I don’t) this place is great. If you really like nature and hiking and such (which I do) the place can be very nice, with a couple of trailheads at the end of the subway line - if you can stand bitter cold, continuous strong winds, and frequent torrential freezing rain (which I can’t). We are very close to Siberia, and we are constantly reminded of it.

Even though there are wide open spaces around here which would have made for a nicely laid out city, they decided to base the place on the Tokyo model - a massive clusterfu - er, crowded mess of asphalt and concrete. The city has absolutely no charm, and very little history to speak of - and no laundromats (I hate washing my socks in the bathtub).

I am seriously looking forward to leaving for Fukuoka on Wednesday.

Yesterday was really cold, but the sun was shining. We went to the Maruyama Zoo and saw the baby polar bears, stir-crazy snow leopards, freezing giraffes, barbary apes mating, and a chimp that likes to eat its own poop. I wanted to go for a hike up one of the trails, but Jim didn’t, so I didn’t either. I was going to go out there by myself today, but it is raining pretty hard and colder than usual:
The woods near the zoo are interesting, with temples and memorials scattered about:
This is the trailhead, with Buddhist idols all over the place:
I call this “Bad-ass Buddha with a horse comin’ outta his head”:
There are some interesting engineering accomplishments here. The streets and sidewalks are heated, so snow doesn’t stick. The entire city is laced with underground passages and shopping malls, so you could theoretically get wherever you are going without seeing the light of day. The subway is super silent, it runs on rubber tires instead of train tracks:
It makes kind of a sucking noise when it is moving.
But most amazing to me is the Sapporodome. I mis-read the translation that said that they play futbol on artificial turf. They actually play on real grass, which grows outside and is rolled in on game day. The besobaru team plays on the artificial stuff. They actually have two extra pitches growing in addition to the one they are using:
Picture 1
But there really isn’t much at all to do here, and I am getting bored sitting in the hotel room. Three more nights and I’m outta here.

I see that the weather has become nice and warm in DC. I am happy about that, especially for the sublimely wonderful Miss Janet’s sake.

*UPDATE from yesterday’s post * hah!

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