I'll write whatever I want, dammit

Ain't Lookin' for no Trouble

... But apparently trouble knows where to find me.

There’s this Maharashtra state
boss/goon who has been setting his minions out to disrupt people who have the nerve to be from other parts of India. Apparently, he made the majority of the taxi drivers sign a pact of allegiance to him, and they have been ordered to not drive. He just got arrested, and now any taxi driver who has the nerve to work is being attacked by angry mobs. They are rioting in the north end of the city. Nothing has happened yet in the south end (where we are), but people are gearing up for large-scale street violence all over the city. The police are conspicuously absent, which is par for the course. Just in time for Diwali, which is called the “festival of lights”, but is really the “festival of explosive devices”.

We’ll see how this all plays out over the next couple of days.

Now it turns out that Thailand has attacked
Cambodia (where I am scheduled to travel in January).

Never a dull moment...
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