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A Couple of Missed Opportunities

I was going to catch a train to Bratislava or Budapest today, but it was supposed to be cold and raining all day so I decided not to. Of course, it ended up being warm and sunny, except for about a 20 minute downpour.

I won’t be fooled again.

Originally, I had wanted to rent a car and go to
Fucking, so I could go to a Fucking bar and drink some Fucking beer and eat some Fucking food and take some Fucking pictures and hang out with some Fuckers and get my picture taken next to the Fucking sign, but alas, car rentals are extremely expensive here and the train doesn’t go there. If only there was a word that I could use to express how disappointed I am that my Fucking plans have been foiled.

So I took a long walk around town and took a few more pictures.
A hopping good time at der Rathaus. Lots of food and drink. The guy on the right even tried to sell me a joint (damn this security clearance).
A park full of rose bushes
They even built a little ramp for the ducks to climb out of the lily pool
Now, if the delightful Miss Janet were here, it would be a lot more fun. This place was made for couples, what with all the romantic cafes and all. I’d probably get lucky every night.
But it is kind of boring when you are alone, unless you like museums, shopping, opera, and ballet.

Then I finally found something interesting - a Nazi flak tower and bunker
There are a few of them here and the Wieners hate them, but they were so well built that if they tried to demolish them, they would damage buildings for several blocks in each direction. They were built to last a thousand years, you know (and they probably will).

The people here get kind of testy for some reason when you ask them where all the good Nazi stuff is (one guy wanted to punch me). That’s a shame, since I eat that stuff up and I never tire of it.

We are in the rich, touristy section of town and I am already bored with it. I think I’ll jump on the subway tomorrow and try to find something a little seedier. If it doesn’t kill me, it will make me stronger.

Too bad it’s not eishockey or fußball season.


Ich bin ein Wiener!

Just got in after a sleepless 17-hour flight, so I’m running on fumes here. It is a steamy hot (!) day in Vienna and I took a little walk around.

This is the hotel we are staying in
and this is the Staatsoper, where a young Adolf Hitler swooned over Wagner operas and developed his weltanschauung
The street lights are on cables above the streets. I can’t wait to see what they look like at night
Living statues. Cool and creepy at the same time. They even make clanking sounds when they move.
Don’t even think of it...
Cheeky advertising hubba-hubba
This might be fun. I stopped counting outdoor biergartens after about 30 or so.

We start work in the morning, but we have two full weekends coming up.

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