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Not Over Yet

I feel sorry for any and all of you who have never been to an NHL playoff game, really I do. There is nothing in sports that comes even remotely close to it. I have been to the NFC Championship, a few World Cup qualifiers, World Cup matches, and DC United winning the MLS Cup in sold-out RFK Stadium, but there is nothing like the NHL playoffs (and don’t even get me started on that amateur basketball tourney they have every March). Even if you have been to a regular season NHL game, you haven’t seen anything.

Where else can you high-five Pat Sajak after a goal?

And to whoever it was that pissed off Mr. Nasty so much that he did this:

If I ever meet you, the beer’s on me, all night long.

The story from the stands.

According to NHL Rule 23.7:
“Any player, goalkeeper or non-playing Club personnel who physically interferes with the spectators, becomes involved in an altercation with a spectator, or throws any object at a spectator, shall automatically incur a game misconduct penalty and the Referee shall report all such infractions to the Commissioner who shall have full power to impose such further penalty as he shall deem appropriate.”

Let’s see what the Commissioner deems appropriate, then.

If I was home, I most certainly would have been there. At least I got to watch it live online...

We’ll get back to our regularly scheduled programming soon, but damn our boys kicked some butt last night.


Three Games, Three Different Results

I woke up to the news that my Capitals couldn’t score a goal and now trail the worst team in the playoffs 2 games to none (I guess that makes THEM the worst team in the playoffs). Then I look and see that DC United is doing just fine in their quest for mediocrity. And I didn’t win Powerball? AGAIN!?!?!

In a rather foul mood, I took the train to the Sapporodome to see Consadole Sapporo play Cerezo Osaka:
I got a ticket, bought some schwag, and went in.

Red and black, I like that...
The grass is synthetic, but they say you can’t tell the difference when you play on it.

Futbol is universal. The loud ones (North Force) had their flags and drums and horns and chants and songs:
I wanted to sit with the loud people, but they gave me a ticket to the rich people section. Lost in translation, I guess.

Osaka wears pink (sissies). Now THAT’s a team I can cheer against:
Seems like every team needs a stupid bird mascot:
Consadole surgically demolished the boys in pink:
If it wasn’t for missed shots and the crossbar, it could have been 10 - 1.

Hat-trick boy getting interviewed after the game:
Today’s Engrish:
Good time. Now I feel a little bit better. At least SOMEBODY knows how to win...

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