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Long Weekend

Saturday was another sunny, beautiful day along the Tonle Sap, unfortunately they are doing a big engineering project along the riverfront so it looks like this:
A couple of street scenes for you:
Eric and Connie went to Siem Reap and Angkor Wat for the weekend, but I backed out since it would cost so much. I would rather save the money and go on a vacation with the delightful Miss Janet who I miss very much. The section chief took me to a Khmer kickboxing match yesterday afternoon:
It was grungy and bloody. The matches are televised nationally and people here are crazy about it.
That was fun, but I had a better time this morning listening to my Capitals continue their climb up the standings by beating Boston.

And I just can’t resist pointing DC United fans to a quote from this blog:

“Caps fans obviously complain a lot about their coverage. Do they complain more or less than other teams' fans, and does this help or hurt their case?
The only fan base that complains more is D.C. United. But they are actually fun to torment by purposely not discussing them.”

--- Ouch!

Premier League is on all the time here, but in India they also showed Bundesliga and Russian matches, which are more fun to watch.

Cindy “I finish my checks” Crosby cries (what a surprise!) about getting hit by the big mean Russian Machine, but Pittsburgh collectively tells him to STFU.

The big plan for today is to start packing up my stuff and catch some rays by the pool. My fellow travelers return this evening, and we are going to the Royal Palace tomorrow, which should be pretty boring (I have been advised to take the “short tour”), then we’ll go to the Russian Market to buy some cheap junk. Tuesday is our last work day, and we begin the long trip home late Tuesday night. I’ll try to bring some warm weather with me.

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