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A Week in the Keys

Hello Humans!

Wow, I go away for a week and all kinds of things happen; Tim Russert and Jim McKay die, DC United wins two games (!), AO collects almost all of the NHL’s hardware:

And Bruce Boudreau, probably the nicest guy to ever coach a professional sports team, wins coach of the year:

But since you don’t care about all that, I’ll get on to our trip

We spent the first 2 nights in Fort Lauderdale, which was fun. We stayed at a real cheesy place called the TropiRock Resort, which I would recommend to anyone heading that way:

Then we headed down to the Keys. We went snorkeling at John Pennekamp State Park - nothing like looking over and seeing a 5’ barracuda checking you out from a couple feet away. I really wish I bought one of those disposable waterproof cameras that they sell there. It was pretty unbelievable, all the stuff we saw out there.

We spent the night camping at the park. It was a real drag, because the campsites are gravel and we couldn’t pack all of our camping stuff - especially the pads. We did get to see a great sunset from a Tiki Bar:

We were glad to be on our way to Key West and a couple of nights in a hotel.

Along the way to key west, we stopped at Anne’s Beach:P6100071P6100067

We also stopped at Big Pine Key, home of the endangered Key Deer. We ran into a mother and her baby. They were wary, but not really afraid of us:

Key West Pix:

After a couple of days of that, it was nice to spend a night camping on the beach at Bahia Honda:
Although it was a sandy campsite, we had a rough time sleeping there. There were raccoons all over the place getting into our stuff, and some little critter died a horrible, loud death just outside our tent. It was about the most perfect beach ever, though.

The next day, we fed the tarpons at Robbies:

....then we headed back up the keys to Islamorada, where I insisted that we stay at perhaps the cheesiest (but clean) motel I have ever seen, the La Jolla Resort:

On our last day, we forced ourselves to head back to the mainland, but we went to Everglades National Park, where we got eaten by mosquitoes, but also saw some really cool stuff:

I’ll post larger versions of these and a few more pics on the main website within a few days.

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