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A Day Off in Moscow

I had a good time in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, but now on to Moscow!

The sun doesn’t set until midnight here. I took this picture from my hotel room at about 11:30:
Then it comes back up at about 2:30. I took this picture at about 3:
We are right across the street from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs:
We had a guided tour of the Kremlin and Armory (the museum where they store all of the old Tsars’ booty). I can sum it up in one word - BORING.
Some people might enjoy looking at old silver and old churches - to each his own. My favorite part was watching the falcons that they keep on the Kremlin grounds to kill pigeons and crows (I tried to get a good shot, but my camera is too cheap), and the Metro was an adventure. But here’s a few shots anyway.

Here’s some of Napoleon’s cannons:
...and this is a pretty impressive bell:
The Moscow River looks nice from the Kremlin:
Lenin’s tomb. I was hoping it would be open, I’d like to see the old guy. Alas:
The obligatory shot of me in Red Square:
Looking the other way, the State Museum (it was closed, too):
You can’t throw a stone in Moscow without hitting a McDonalds:
I must be cursed. Once again, there was a Formula One race and the noise was really irritating. The only way to get away from it was to go into the Armory. It was a beautiful, hot, sunny day, so at least I got a little tan action going.

All in all, a little underwhelming. But we are going to the Cucumber Festival next week!!!!
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