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First of all, I would like to thank Gavrilo Princip for assassinating the Archduke, so that we could have Armistice Day and I would not have to work today. That was very thoughtful.

We went about an hour south of Chennai today to Mahabalipuram, which is kind of a beach resort, and also another one of those pesky UNESCO World Heritage Sites that keep popping up. More 7th century Hindu temples carved out of rock, but I found these even more impressive (and better preserved) than the ones at Elephanta. It was hot and steamy, just like I hoped it would be.
OM, yo:
There is a nice view of the ocean from the top of the rocks:
... and lots of goats, sitting around doing that sitting around goat thing:
The beach is nice, but they say not to swim there (some nasty riptides):
Some people were swimming anyway, but they didn’t go too far out. On the way back, we stopped and looked at crocodiles:DSC00122
When we got back into town, Kellen wanted to buy some fabric to get some shirts made. There is a street where the fabric vendors stretch all of the way down the block:
Between the fabric and the tailoring, you can get a shirt made for 15 bucks or so, but I wasn’t interested. I would rather get a root canal... Besides, trying to make me look pretty is like trying to make chopped liver taste like chocolate mousse.

That’s about it, back to the old salt mine tomorrow...
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