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Who's Your MVP?

I don’t know what’s sweeter: being up 2-0 on the Scum, Ovie’s hat trick, little Cindy whining about all the hats on the ice, or watching that POS Mario Lemieux chew on his lip.
It’s all good.



One thing that I have noticed about these long trips is that by the fifth week or so, nothing matters and nothing is important and depression sets in. Fukuoka is an interesting place, the oldest city in Japan, with lots to see and do. The weather is pleasant enough, and there are beaches to walk and trails in the mountains - and I couldn’t care less. It is compounded by the fact that my co-traveler is a late-night drinking person and I am not, so we never do anything together. I am dying for a conversation. A lot of the locals speak English, but they don’t want to talk to outsiders.

I really miss the 3-week trips.

I generally spend a lot of my spare time either wandering about aimlessly and wishing I was home or loafing and reading and wishing I was home.

The hotel we are in is in “Canal City”, a monstrous complex of everything American that is evil, tacky, and embarrassing. There is a huge shopping mall right next to the hotel. The view from my room:
There is a movie theater that blasts out movie soundtrack music all day, every day from noon to midnight. It is so loud that it makes my window rattle and keeps me up every night. The smell of Wendy’s and KFC somehow manages to permeate my room, even though the windows are sealed.

Today was a huge holiday with parades and bands and street food... I just don’t care.

The highlight of my day today? I managed to sneak into the hotel next door and do my own laundry. This is a really big deal, I estimate that I saved about $350 - $400 (they charge $20 for one pair of pants here), but I probably would have got into some trouble-funs if I got caught.

I did go to a futbol match yesterday, my beloved Avispa Fukuoka hosted the evil Consadole Sapporo. If DC United ever manages to get a stadium deal, they really should send someone here to check out Level 5 Stadium. The place seats about 22,000 + endzone bleachers and is gorgeous. I am jealous:
Note the free hillside seats at the far end for really big matches:
The beer is good and I got some grub from the street vendors behind the stadium. I have absolutely no idea what I ate, but it was pretty darn good (and it didn’t come back to haunt me).
The local loud ones were very impressive:
Before the match started, they sang this long, soft, melancholy song for about 5 minutes. It was beautiful, and it put the whole crowd into a trance. I’ve never experienced anything quite like it. Their chants during the game were loud and brutal. Pretty impressive.

A small but loud Sapporo contingent was there:
It was nice to hear their unique chants and songs again.

Between the two teams, they must have hit the crossbar about 10 times and missed the net another 10 times. It was probably the most exciting 0-0 draw that I have ever seen. That’s the beauty of futbol, even if nobody scores it’s still exciting.

Next Sunday, they have an afternoon match vs Sagan Tosu. I think I’ll try to get out there.

But if I had a choice, I would rather have been here:

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