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Not Much to See Here

Hello Peoples!

This blogger was kind enough to post a brief email dispatch, and nothing much has changed there. I am locked down here at the quaint 5-star (priced) American Guest Quarters
It could be worse. I have heard that there are nicer lodgings here in Lagos, but when you get home at the end of the day all of your stuff is missing.

So we sit. Mostly we sit here
...where we can watch futbol and drink some wicked margaritas that the bartender - Sam - makes.
There’s a little tiki bar area out back that I really like, but it’s so hot that nobody will sit with me out there
It’s fun sitting out there listening to the flies pop in the bug lights - especially after a couple of Sam’s margaritas. In fact, I am sitting at the table on the left writing this, and I gots me a good buzz going.

A couple more pics from the compound
I got stared down by a big orange and black lizard on that sidewalk. He (she?) wouldn’t let me through, so I had to walk around the pool to get back to the front of the building. Chutzpah!
There is a grocery shopping trip tomorrow at 9 am, and I am thinking of going just to get out of here, so I hope I will have something more interesting to show you soon. I told you there isn’t much to see here...

All is well and the people here are great.

There was a concert this afternoon right down the road, but we were warned to not go there. Pity, it sounded like fun. Most people here are friendly and law-abiding, but there’s just enough machetes and AK-47s to make it interesting.

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