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Good Over Evil

It took one game too many, but the Penguin Blight has been vanquished and all is right and good in the world today.

My favorite picture from last night:


Sorry Geno, you’re just not good enough. Now go to the locker room:


My last post on this issue featured Mario Lemieux’s girlfriend, little Cindy Crosby, but I could find no pictures of him from last night, even though they say he was moping about and crying. Shame.
I do have this, though:


A banner day, indeed.

I'm an Organization Now!

I always thought you had to be a non-profit or something to get a .org url, but I guess they’ll give it to anyone. I’m pretty non-profit anyway. I am pretty excited about having two domains to call my own. Look for more fun in the near future.

As far as travels are concerned, my next trip will be in July - August. I am going to Moscow, Vladivostok, and Sakhalin, then Mumbai in September.

Next week, the lovely Miss Janet and I are going snorkeling and hanging out in the Keys. Should be fun.
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