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Now that I am in Moscow, maybe I can muster the bandwidth to post some pictures.

Here’s some Yuzhno pics for you.

It’s pretty amazing how small the world is. In the absolute tail end of Siberia, I met a woman who grew up in my hometown, went to my high school, and had a crush on my older brother. Go figure... (by the way - happy 20th, L+J).

I stayed at the brand new Pacific Plaza Hotel - sort of a Euro-chic industrial kind of thing:
There is a bar on the top floor, and the view of the mountains from there is nice when the fog lets up (hardly ever):
The apartments look pretty nice in the picture, but they are actually pretty run down Soviet slabs from the ’50s.

Wednesday night, my person here and her husband had me over for dinner. I met a lot of nice people and had a great time, they are really cool people. I played with their dog, their cat, and their hedgehog:
There are some nice dachas outside of town that are being converted into upscale houses. Kind of sad:
But some are still old-school:
There are packs of dogs running around the city. They make a lot of noise, but they are harmless (and kind of cute):
There is only one Japanese building left over from when the Soviets took over in 1946. It is now the Sakhalin Oblast (State) Museum. It’s gardens seem to be the only tended vegetation in town:
Pobedy Square and Spartak Stadium (sorry Jeff - no kits, but a real T-34):
Looking down Pobedy Street from Pobedy Square:

All in all, I had a fun time there, but Yuzhno is a tiny little backwater town and I am glad to be in the big city. Tomorrow we are touring the Kremlin and Armory.
More to come...
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